Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am rather disappointed that the extended family has not come out of their kennels to post onto our news home. I was hopping that Jedediah and Jezebel from the Iowa Amish Colony just NW of Iowa City would lurch out. Thats right to all y'all who forgot about our technologically impaired relations, we are related to people in the Amana Church Society.

They are not like most Amish though, if you head into Iowa city you will likely get to see their horse drawn buggy parked outside of an Internet cafe' where they are surfing for family history, my recent photo shoot, funny jokes or ways to prepare hamster. I hope we can convince them to join in our blog, we promise not to tell the other Amish folk.

There are so many Smoth family members around the world that most are either forgotten, dead, lost in a bush maze, in prison, or plainly removed from the family tree ceremony at the reunions. It is to bad because some of the Smoths are very tellegent, and have vented all kindof things. I remember even old mom herself vented the first whooping rack. Picture the gun rack in your pickup truck only loaded with belts to be used for keeping young'uns in line.

I was not telling any lies when I called mom unhinged, cross eyed, narcoleptic or a beast. I remember one time back when I had extra dangles, she got mad at me while we were moving our home. I got out of the trailer at the next re-filler and went to take a leak. Little did I know that she would fall asleep and forget to see if I made it back. Then I think just because she was mad she made me hitch hike home. I learnt a lot about what it takes to pay for a ride that summer, them lessons helped form me into the women I am today.

Our poor sheep, without me around for mom to open a can of whooping rack on, she vented on them. I still have a wool shirt from back then that is as tough as the skin of a baby gator.



Blogger Smoth Family said...

Life lessons, my child, life lessons. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you a little weaker...until the next thing comes along and finishes you off.


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