Friday, September 01, 2006

Bob here. Hey everyone. This post is really directed towards my sister Mary-Louise Smoth. Which all of you who dont know should understand that is Trixiebella and Britney's mom. You BITCH! Thats all I have to say. What kind of sacrelige are you spittin out on our blog. "Bowling is for cowards and amputees" ???????????????????????????? What the hell are you on? You are definitely the black sheep of the family Mary-L. I am so disappointed. Shamed really. Britney, Trixiebella... when you read this please realize that your mother is on some serious crack! Maybe its because she married her brother Jimmy that you girls grew up with a good head on your shoulders I dont know... Oh the shame. You know Mary-L, my bowling buddies read this blog and they are all laughing at me this week. They made me wear a cheerleading outfit this morning at breakfast bowling. Unbelieveable... Though Erma the breakfast bartender was checkin me out. For a big lady... she is pretty smokin. Anyways, Mary-L I expect an apology. I am really disappointed. And I think you need to go to your AA meetings more often. No more drinking and posting Mary-L oh and ask Jimmy if we are still on for our Thursday night cow tippin.


PS, I will keep you posted on how things play out with Erma.


Blogger Smoth Family said...

That is no way to talk to your sister. May I suggest Anger Management courses. I still love you mama.

It's so sad that your whole existance is centered around bowling. C'mon, the pins aren't even moving...where's the challenge?

I'm disappointed that you slandered the sanctity of Mary-Louise and Jimmy's marriage. Ever since they won that WKRP (in Cincinatti) radio call-in show promotion to get married on-air by Sgt. Bosco "B.A." Baracus their relationship has based on love, respect, and pizza pops (mmm...pepperoni). Being brother and sister just adds to the bond.

I sense you are still jealous of your sister since she beat you out for the scholarship to East Haven School for Clowns and Circus Performers. She graduated near the top of her class (of 6) but never pursued a career in the circus field because of the severe unemployment crisis that plagued the industry that year. She chose, instead, to become a free-lance journalist for the semi-National Chicken Racing Circuit.

On a similar note, I like Monopoly and donuts.


1:18 PM  
Blogger Smoth Family said...

Thank you Britney. I am not ashamed of my marriage to Jimmy. We have a beautiful marriage and created a beautiful daughter.

My stint on the semi-National Chicken Racing Circuit taught me about life and death and I met many great people (like Alice, Tom, Trevor, Donovan, Jolene, Chris, Marty, Dallas, Amanda, Heather, Toby, Denis, Sue, Daniel, Peter, Judy, Shaniqua, Deb, Tony, Thomas, Angel, Sandy, Jonathan, Brandon, Oliver, and Mustang Sally). I was offered a job to cover the National circuit but I turned it down because all the people smelled like chicken poop.


1:25 PM  
Blogger Smoth Family said...

Bob, your memory must be fading faster than mine. How do you figure we can go cow-tipping on Thursday when you are in Vancouver and I am in Topeka, Kansas: the sunflower state? Besides, I wouldn't be able to go anyways, Mary-Louise and I are going to the Jay-Z concert.


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