Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So typical...Bob gets excited about something and gets the rest of the family excited...then drops the ball!! What happened to this "Family Reunion" event you were planning. To put it in bowling lingo: you just threw an entire game of gutterballs.

And what happened to the rest of you...have you lost your internet connections? Forget how to type? Experiencing extended power outages? I'm tired of holding this family together. Counting all of my money and putting it in nice even stacks takes a lot of time...but I still take the time to keep in touch (yes, the mamalian testicle trade business is still booming).



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We are sorry we haven't updated the blog recently...but we have been really busy. Besides hitting a 50 Cent ("fitty cent") concert and travelling 18 hours to take in a Nelly concert we've also hit the talk show circuit again. Because of this blog, the news that we sent Samantha away to be raised by Diedrich Vasser II (the shampoo magnate) in Switzerland hit the local media and caused a little uprising. We decided to go to New York to tell our story on Montel Williams. It went pretty well...we managed to get a book deal out of it. We are still working on a title for the book. We'll keep you posted.

Mary-Louise and Jimmy

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Oh yeah, Bob really did drop the ball on the family reunion plans.


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Bob, I still want to have your babies!! Call me.


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